About Us


In Corporate Finance Advisory vertical FinFirst offers Corporate and Capital Structuring, Capital Raising (Debt, Equity, Hybrids, etc.), Mergers & Acquisition, Joint Ventures, etc. advisory services. In the Business Finance Advisory services, quite often we end up working very closely with the organization and the promoters to ‘fix’ the Finance and Business Strategy functions. This sets the organization on a path of systematic and scalable growth and value creation. We work with companies and businesses across sectors and life cycles. Our client base includes companies in the Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Real Estate, Healthcare and NBFC spaces.

Under our Wealth Management Services vertical, we assist Individuals and Businesses with planning and execution of all dimensions of Wealth Management activities. In this space, our focus is to clearly solve for the client’s needs rather than put a client’s profile or needs through a templatised formula to figure out what works for the clients or perhaps what works best for us. The long-term focus on client relationships enables FinFirst to avoid conflicts and constraints such as minimum relationship criteria or targets to be achieved by the FinFirst team. We aim to understand the client’s needs, goals and risk tolerance early and clearly and to assist in developing a specific and sustainable investment plan that meets the client’s needs. The plan and the client investments are reviewed periodically and on demand to calibrate for changing needs and market dynamics. FinFirst assists Corporations in planning and executing their investments and other treasury activities. This not only results in freeing up the corporate bandwidth but also leads to tangible financial gains on account of more productive deployment of investments.  Here again, FinFirst’s focus on ‘solving the problem faithfully’ has helped establish its credibility with Corporations and has led to long-term business relationships.

The FinFirst Team will be very happy to hear from you as an existing or prospective client or indeed a well-wisher to know how FinFirst can deliver better solutions.